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Oh dear, it looks like something serious went wrong with this page and an unexpected error has occurred. We are sorry that this has happend, please come back later and try again.

Why does this happen?

If you had opened a browser before you started this current connection your device will remember this, and it adds the time of your first connection to the current curent and reduce how long you have.

You may have started off by clicking a link and visiting the enrolment page only to pause/stop and come back later. This will timeout as it remembers your first link and connection, the timeout is 40 minutes.

Something happend with the connection and it lost some vital data or there was some other system failure.

Are there any solutions?

If you made it to the last decalaration page, try to navigate back to the previous photo page (by going back using the internet browser), then clicking on the My Account button (top right) and trying again.

If you did not make it that far and ended up here you will need to try again tomorrow. Ensure you close all connections/tabs that were open before you begin next time round as your device may keep still have an active connection.

Contact the College if you still have continous problems.